The Moon Festival, always celebrated on August 15 of the lunar calendar, is one of the most traditional of Chinese holiday. It is several hundred years old and many beautiful tales about it have been handed down from generation to generation.

On this day we eat a special kind of pastry called Moon Cake--it represents the moon and also means family reunion. It has long been a practice in our family to get together for a small moonlight party at the New Park on the evening of August 15. Cousins and some friends sometimes join us.

Sitting or lying on the soft grass, some of us chat happily and others listen to music. And amidst shouts and laughter of children chasing around excitedly, I sit quietly at a corner watching the bright, beautiful moon.




1.association n.协会;社团


3.criticism n.批评

4.immature a.未成熟的


Peep into Short Stories

In our school every class has its own literature association. Recently a short story writing competition was held in Senior Grade Two. The result was encouraging. A number of articles stood out and they were picked out for an exhibition.

In their stories some students painted beautiful pictures for their futures and some expressed their longings. One of the students was bold enough to write a story commenting① on“calf-love”----themost sensitive② topic for high school students. He wrote:“A big part of people, especially those elders think‘calf-love’isn't any good. It should be given up. But I don't agree.Another student made a sharp criticism on the most unreasonable phenomenon he had ever come across. ”


In his story he stated: “I once met a pitiful old woman who was driven out of home by her daughter-in-law because she had no income to support herself. How cruel and hardhearted that daughter-in-law was! Suppose her own children were to treat her in this same way when she gets old, what would happen to her and how would she feel?”In all, the students expressed themselves freely and expressed feelings of love, hate and jealousy③ in their stories.


Still immature as we are, we've learnt to observe④ with our own eyes and to solve problems by ourselves. Anyhow, we are on our way to maturity. Not only are we eager to understand society but we also want to be understood!



②sensitive['sensitiv] a.敏感的

③jealousy['dNel+si] n.妒忌;嫉妒




In the modern world, it is undeniable that an increasing number of people are pay attention to the TV shows. They regard it as an indispensable part of their dreams. It has aroused wide public concern. Subsequently, a heated debate comes.


Maybe, the lure of fame is not easily resisted. In order to chase their dreams, some people give up their study unwisely. This phenomenon has drawn public attention. Many reasons can explain it. For example, the low employment rate, the desire for fame, and the most important I think is that young people want to be known to the world.



As far as I am concerned, taking part in TV shows can improve the ability to adapt to the society and broaden vision. Young people can learn many things, however, it’s not wise to spend too much time on this. After all, study is the priority for the youth.


Although people now say to protect animals, but there are a lot of stubborn people do not listen, continue to kill animals, humans take animals to watch, sell money, make coat with skins ... ... but you have not thought, if you Is an animal, but was the human hunting, how would you think, you are willing, you are willing to be hunted? You are absolutely unwilling, some people say: "I am not an animal." But you have not thought about animals will think? Now a large number of human hunting animals, animals will be willing? No, no, never. They do not want to die in the hands of mankind. Are they willing to be hunted by you? No, they have a thousand do not want, ten thousand do not want, one hundred million do not want to ... ...


Some people know how to love animals, but they will only hypocritically to educate others, but they still undermine the environment, still excited to taste the game. Take the Dodo living on the Indian Ocean Mauritius Islands, because of its very delicious meat, so was a large number of human predation, in the seventeenth century had been extinct. But if people have awareness of animal protection, then it will not cause the extinction of Dodo.


There are whales, whales are not let you free to kill, the whale is killed one to die one, unlike the small fish shrimp as much, if we kill the whale, then our future generations, they are not see To whales this kind of animal?

Now, some animals have been extinct, although the crocodile ferocious, but more ferocious human beings. It is because some animals have prominent economic value of the organ, which has become the object of human predatory use, become the main factor of animal extinction. Crocodile with sharp teeth, and huge food appetite, we all say crocodile terrible, but the crocodile is more afraid of human beings, in the eyes of mankind, crocodile skin can be made suitcase, handbags, wallets, shoes and other items, so crocodile, It is now an animal that is about to be extinct.


We always say that promise is very important, but when it comes to the money, not so many people can keep their promise. I keep my promise all the time, because if I break the promise, my friends won’t trust me anymore. Once, I went to a shop which was near my house, I wanted to deliver the express. When I finished writing the information on the list, I suddenly thought about that I forgot to bring the money. I was worried, so I told the boss, he smiled and said it would be OK to give him the money next time. I was so surprised, he dared to do it, others would think that I would never come back again. When I went home, I kept it in my mind, then I took the money and ran to the shop. I kept my promise to return the money.











3。参考词汇:方便筷disposable chopsticks

Recently,there has been an activity of “doing your bit for an energy-saving society” in our school. Our schoolmates are highly concerned about the increasing lack of energy and provide their own suggestions。

Some students suggest that we shouldn’t waste any food or paper, though they appear very easy to get. Meanwhile, some other students think it advisable to refuse to use disposable chopsticks and plastic bags. Besides, it is also strongly recommended that those used textbooks as well as reference books of graduates, which are still in good condition, not be thrown but recycled。


Actually, there are still quite a lot that we can easily do: say, try to take buses or ride bicycles instead of driving cars, etc. All of these will definitely help to build an energy-saving society。

in the present words,science has been developing fast,but people still have a high opinion of artists.what can the arts tell us of the life that science cannot ? arts is the making and epressions of what are beautiful and pleasure in human lives..people have paid no less attention to arts than they have paid to science since the beginning of human civilization.why is arts so important ?


the main reason is that compared with natural sciences,arts (humanities and fine arts)serves rudder. first of all,arts plays a essential role in moulding magnificent qualities of people.a majority of works and writings not only epressed the impressive feelings in the world,which were sentimental and natural,but also gave us many ideas about love,faith and charity.in fact,these ideas have withstood the test of time.they represent the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors down through the ages.people,who equipped with these theories,can make sound judgements about any problems which may crop up.


secondly,arts is the source of happiness in our lives.for instance,a classic light opera can give delight to millions of people.and moreover,some painting masterpieces are eactly a great satisfactions .especially, some ecellent literature works enrich our lives and make us feel that we are part of the great family of mankind.therefore,it is nothing but the arts that brings optimistic mental conditions to us.


in addition arts subjects are good for boosting children’s mental development.recently,a american study shows that mozart’s works can help children to improve their graphic cognition.hence arts education is not only of benefit to moulding people’s quality,but also to discovering people’s potential. all in all ,the arts’ contribution to our lives can not be replaced by science although both arts and science push the boundaries of human cognition.