The goal of my life is living a simple happy and healthy life.


What I want is a simple life not a complicated one.Because what my job or career offers me are difficult issues which I must handle them properly, and sometimes they are so boring and tedious,but I have to do.So after a day's work, I want to have a break and do some things which would provide me happiness and a harmonious life. It is so simple like that, I have a supper with my families talking some funny and humourous topics, or I sit on grass with who I loved looking at the beautiful sky and counting the numbers of the stars. It is simple, but very harmonious and romantic.



I also want to spend sometime on my hobbies,such as playing table tennis,badminton,basketball and so forth.I like sports very much and I believe it will benefit me all my life.What I gained from sports are not only speed,strength and skill but also competitiveness,teamwork and so on.Sports could give me a strong and energetic body and a healthy life.



The goals of my life are just written as above,and they will be pursued by myself all my life.


It was really an exciting experience. From it, I know English is so important and useful that we should study it well.

One afternoon,my friend and I were walking in the bustling street when I suddenly stopped at the crossing.Oh! My god! I saw two foreigners standing in front of the bank.

I pushed my friend, she turned around and saw them,too. It seemed that she was excited as I was. Then we looked at each other."Shall we go up to speak to them?"I asked her with a smile."We certainly do."she answered."But...what shall we say?"I asked again."Er...thats a problem."

We both had no idea.

Suddenly,I shouted:"I know!Its the best way to ask them the way,isnt it?"As the foreigners were moving towards the other side of the street,she shouted:"We must be quickly! We cant miss this chance!"We ran after them as fast as we could.

At last we were walking abreast with them.Say or not? Theres no time to hesiate,I tried my best to say"Excuse me..."

With a smile they turned to me and said:"Can I help you?"I knew I was succesful at that moment...

A good word is enough; At that time, every program of the Spring Festival gala was full of expectation and longing. Now the actors are worried about being ridiculed. At that time, a message of blessing to think long and hard, now just happy New Year; At that time, I was desperate to catch up on my homework for fun. I can't find what to do now. At that time, I could smell a strong smell of fire, but now it is full of exhaust fumes from cars. I used to wake up in the morning with a rooster, but now I'm woken up by an alarm clock. In the past, the Lantern Festival can see the fireworks, but now it is difficult to see the stars. Can also be at home before the Lantern Festival, now want to at home are difficult at that time the festival atmosphere all don't know to run to which go to, life is getting better and better, the policy is becoming more and more in place, in the increasingly without taste, don't know is grown up ideas of high-end or economic boom, the changes in lifestyle. I wonder if my children will live the same year as I did. A few days ago, an aunt asked me what kind of learning machine the children in his family bought. Do I have to use a learning machine to learn English? The old man told me that some schools are getting more and more expensive, the school is getting more and more early, and the homework is less and less. Our grandparents, though not high in culture, are great. Our generation has a high level of culture, but can not help people. They drive a tank, we drive a BMW, they roll the devil, we press them. It seems that generation is stronger than generation.


Society is progressing, and we must keep up with the trend of The Times!

Hello,boys and girls! My name is Jenny.I‘m 14-year-old. My birthday is on October 31st. I‘m a movie fan.I like action movie and science movie. My favorite actor is Jackie Chan. He is a great action actor. He has many movies .

For example, The Around the World is 80 Days, Rob-B-hood and Rush Hour.These movies are very exciting. I really like Rob-B-hood very much, because they are exciting.

I like action movie movies very much.



Sports and Games

All over the world millions of people take part in different kinds of sports. Sports are perhaps the most popular form of relaxation that almost all can enjoy.

Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things that people do at times when they are not working. But in fact sports and games can be of great value, especially to people who work with their brains most of the day. They should not be treated only as ammusements.

Sports and games build our bodies, prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy. They also give us valuable practice in helping the eyes, brain and muscles to work together. In table tennis, the eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction, and pass the information on to the brain. The brain has to decide what to do and sends its orders to the muscles of the arms legs and so on, so that the bah is met and hit back where the player wants it to do. All this must happen with very great speed, and only those who have had a lot of practice can do this successfully.


Sports and games are also very useful for character-training. In their lessons, boys and girls may learn about such virrues as unselfishness courage disciple and love of one's country, but what is learned in books can not have the same deep effect on a child's character as what is learned through practice. Most of students' time is spent in classes, studying lessons. So what the students do in their spare time is of great importance. If each of them learns to go all out for his team and not for himself on the sports field, he will later find it natural to work for the good of society, for the good of his country.
















about memory

some people have very good memory and can easily learn quite long poems by heart. there are other people who can only remember things when they have repeated them again and again. the famous english writer, charles dickens said that he could walk down any long street in london and then tell you the name of every shop he had passed. many of the great men of the world have wonderful memories.


a good memory is a help in learning a foreign language. everybody learns his own language by remembering what he hears when he was a small child, and some children----like boys and girls who live abroad with their parents----seem to learn two languages as easily as one. in school it is not so easy to learn a second language because the pupils have so little time for it, and they are very busy with other subjects as well.


a man's mind is rather like a camera, but it takes photos not only of what we see but also what we feel,hear, smell and taste. when we take a real photo with a camera, there is much to do before the photo is finished and is readyfor us to show to our friends. in the same way there is much work to be done before we can keep a picture forever in our minds.


memory is the diary we all carry about us. we keep things we have eperienced in this diary.


charles dickens['tm%:lz 'dik+ns]查尔斯·狄更斯,英国作家


本文说明了记忆(力)与学习、工作、成就的关系。前两段用的是事例说明法,虽然没有用衔接词语“for eample,such as”等,但却举出了英国作家狄更斯和在海外随父母居住的小孩等例子。后两段用类推法说明了记忆与人脑和日记的关系,作者把记忆比做照相机和日记。

my grandfather died about three years ago. but his behaviour①,his spirit and his care for me, are still in my mind.

my grandfather was a doctor. he had many good ways to treat diseases. he worked with a strong sense of responsibility②. one day, grandpa had a high fever, groaning③ in bed. but when he learned a patient needed treating, he got up with great difficulty and began to eamine the patient carefully. when we saw sweat drop down fromhis forehead, our eyes were full of tears.


my grandfather not only worked hard, but also took good care of me. when i was very young, i lived with him. every time i got good marks, a big smile would appear on his face. if i met with some difficulty, he would say,“don't lose heart, iao you. try your best. i'm sure you will succeed. encouraged by his words, i kept making progress in my studies. i loved him and respected him too.


one day, grandfather was taken to hospital because of a serious illness. he didn't allow mum to take me to see him until the day before his death. but when i got there, he could hardly open his mouth. he only stared at me. after some time he said with great difficulty,“be…a good…person.”these were the last words that he had said to me. i nodded in tears.


the net day, he died. i can't see him any more. dear grandpa, i will remember your words and be a good person.

I was born in a very poor section of Brooklyn on December 7,1941. There were five persons in my family including my father, my mother, my two sisters and myself. I was the only son, and my childhood was spent playing in the streets with the other boys and getting into troubles. I was often punished by my parents and teachers.


After elementary school, where I had been an average student, I went to a vocational high school in my neighborhood. My friends were all boys who cared nothing about studying and my grades went from bad to worse.

From the time I entered the second high school, I began to take an interest in my studies and my grades improved. I started to listen to the other students discuss intelligent issues and soon I began to take part in. One day, someone asked me to join the Negro Culture Club where the students discussed the contributions of the Negro race. Now my eyes were really opened. For the first time, I learned that my race had many famous people who had played an important role in world history. I was filled with a new sense of pride and self-respect. From then on, I read every book in the school library on Negro history. Also during these high school years, I met many officials from the new African nations. Because most of them spoke French, I learned to speak French and then went on to teach myself Spanish. In my senior year, I was elected president of my class. My goals were now definite and I knew I want to continue my education.


Going to college was difficult for me because my family was very poor and needed my help with money. My mother, however, encouraged me and insisted that I continue my education. Therefore, when I graduated from high school, I started attending night college and working all day. After two years I changed to day college and a part-time job. Now I am a fulltime student in my junior year, majoring in international relations and economics.


It is difficult for a young man to speak of his philosophy of life, but I believe it is very important for every person to have a sense of pride and dignity in his own worth. My aim in life is to help my people become better off economically. Also, I would like to do something to help mankind and to promote brotherhood among all men of all nations, no matter what color they are.